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Hi there   We are at the end of March, moving into April and time seems to be speeding up rather than slowing down. So much is going on around us and for me, it really reinforces the VUCA concepts

Transformational Leadership

Its February already and what a great start to the year!   This editorial I want to share with you the 2015 report by PWC on identifying and retaining transformational leaders. I have spoken a lot about the need for

10 Secrets To Personal Leadership

As some of you know Deborah Nanschild and I co- facilitate a senior leadership program called Transformational Leadership (which is starting at the end of this month again if you are interested). As with all programs, as part of my

The Responsibility of Leadership

Last year I was reading a book called The Three Laws of Performance (Zaffron and Logan, 2009) which presented 3 laws that describe where people and organisations are at and how to “lean into” change and create preferred “new futures”

Conscious Leadership

This month I have found myself reflecting on a range of complex professional situations from a “theatre in action” perspective. Each of these situations has required me to grow.  I am simultaneously feeling challenged, inspired and excited by the complexity,

Cultivating Employee Engagement

We are all aware that organisations with great cultures create great workplaces. Research by the Barrett Values Centre (2013) concluded that “values driven organisations are the most successful organisations on the planet”. They generate higher earnings, are more profitable, more

Unconscious Bias

I was a nurse originally, and now I work in leadership development. The other day I was introducing a program for women leaders and I made the comment that I look forward to the day when we move from defining

Centered Leadership

The evening before the Telstra Women in Business Awards last year the finalists all met to prepare for the awards the next night. One of the facilitated discussions was around the challenges obstacles women face during their careers, and some

Conscious Leadership Through Vertical Learning

Learning has traditionally focused on horizontal development. Trainers become skilled at designing and delivering training opportunities that develop an individual’s competency, and our training and education systems reinforces this with a competency based model and our MBA programs. Traditional leadership

Living Leadership – 10 Secrets To Personal Leadership

Leadership is a passion of mine so I thought I would share some musings on leadership with you. Great leaders are often not labelled great leaders, but rather, they are individuals with a vision and a dedication to the pursuit