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Having Fun!

One of the great joys in my life is being able to spend time in the mountains both summer and winter. We have a holiday home on the lake in Jindabyne and every morning I wake up when we are

Let’s Celebrate

Last weekend Canberra celebrated her 100th birthday with a weekend of festivities and activities to inspire and delight all ages.  Celebration happens across the world for lots of different reasons.  In the western world we follow the Gregorian calendar and

Respect, Simplicity and Beauty

As I am writing this newsletter I am sitting at Narita airport in Tokyo after having spent 2 weeks here in Japan. This is my first visit to Japan and I thought I would reflect on some of my observations


Christmas time has always been an immensely happy time for me and my family.  This year it has been a particularly busy time for us.  We had Lauren’s 21st birthday party a week ago, which was just gorgeous, and then

My Musings from the Happiness Conference

  The problems of today are because there is too much self-centeredness – His Holiness The Dalia Lama While money and material things can add comfort and a degree of security to our wellbeing, they are not the basis for