About Us

SAGE Thinking is a leader in the field of human learning and leadership development.

We go beyond the norm to focus on the science of human potential, thinking and learning to develop transformational leaders and deliver tangible results for our clients.  We are a thought leader at the leading edge of vertical development.

As a boutique company we have the flexibility to work with large and small organisations – providing training, coaching, consulting, research and facilitation services.

We also offer a suite of tools to help individuals and organisations tap their potential and achieve success.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to facilitate and enable individuals and organisations to excellence in leadership and actualise their fullest potential, thereby making a transformational IMPACT on the world.

Our Purpose

We believe that every person has a deep well of untapped potential waiting to be unleashed to live an extraordinary life of unlimited possibilities, joy and fulfillment.

On this premise, our purpose is to inspire, challenge, connect, empower and delight people and organisations to transformational growth to create their emerging futures and make a positive difference locally and globally, thus leaving the world a better place.

Our Values

Our Values motivate us to achieve excellence for our clients and guide the way we do business:


  • Global commitment to being a thought leader in human potential, organisational development and transformational change.


  • Optimising creative opportunities to support our clients to achieve outcomes that thrill them.


  • To go beyond existing boundaries to frontiers of new knowledge and skills to challenge ourselves and  further assist our clients to actualise their goals and dreams.


  • Working together, loving what we do and letting it show; inspiring others to work together, to love what they do and to let it show.