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We are at the end of March, moving into April and time seems to be speeding up rather than slowing down. So much is going on around us and for me, it really reinforces the VUCA concepts I shared last year.  VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, and I mentioned that the way to lead within a VUCA environment of increasing urgency is to have vision, understanding, clarity and agility.

Research clearly indicates that the best way to manage and harness the VUCA environment we are faced with is to develop to post-conventional stages of cognitive thinking. I call this the “Getting to Gandhi!”.

There are a number of ways to begin to develop our thinking to post-conventional stages. One of these is to ask why?  For example, a new client of mine is a senior professional who is pregnant with her first child.  We had a delightful conversation where she was sharing with me the development of her thinking which clearly demonstrated post-conventional thinking.  She said that for a number of years she asked herself a range of questions about having children such as (and I am paraphrasing here…), “Why do I want to have a child? Is it to fulfill something in me (a need/gap)?, Is it to fulfill societies expectations?, Is it to fulfill a potential gap in my relationship with my husband?”  These types of questions enable us to see a range of perspectives and the complexities around a particular topic.  Earlier in her life she made the decision to not have a child, and has now decided that she wants a child for her own holistic and empowering reasons, not just because of any range of expectations or norms around being a woman or to fill a hole emotionally.

Once we begin to ask great questions we begin to make very conscious choices about who we are, who we want to be, what we want to do, what we want to have, what we say, etc. It can also help us move forward from our past to create the future we desire and choose.  It is about being awake, aware, and alert moment to moment.  Then, if and when we are challenged (and we will be because that is how we grow), we can stop, slow down and notice consciously what we are thinking, feeling and doing.  We can then choose how we want to progress for our best and highest good.  This might include asking ourselves, “What would Gandhi / the Dalai Lama / Yoda (substitute any suitable advanced soul/alchemical mentor) do in this situation? Then following through with the insights we get for an inspired win/win outcome.

The more we practice this the more it becomes second nature because we develop the neural circuits that support this type of thinking. The choices we make today will define our future.  And, everything is choice (even if it doesn’t appear to be on the surface). I encourage you to reflect on what choices you are making and whether they are supporting and enhancing your life to enable you to live your best and fullest life.




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