Resilience and Mindfulness Training

  • Foster a positive work environment
  • Promote mental health and well being
  • Utilise leading edge strategies to build resilience in your teams
  • Increase productively, satisfaction and performance in the workplace

All organisations need a healthy and resilient workforce to support their staff and to ensure they can meet the challenges faced by a modern workplace.  Fostering a positive work environment that promotes mental health and wellbeing is fundamental to organisational success.

The mental wellbeing and resilience of staff is a key investment priority for all workplaces of choice.  Unfortunately, the facts paint a less than desirable picture of mental wellbeing in the workplace.  Psychological injury is a major source of lost time and reduced productivity in the workplace.

Stress causes 61% of absences in Australian workplaces and between 80-90% of accidents in the workplace (Southern Cross Benefits Study 2001).

Resilience in the ability to:

  • Bounce back from adversity.
  • Thrive in challenges
  • Have a positive impact on others
  • Reach one’s full potential.

Mindfulness is one of the most successful strategies to build mental and emotional resilience.  Mindfulness training is about learning to focus the mind – to develop the attention focus of the brain.  The benefits, apart from increased focus, improved performance and feeling good, are numerous.

To support businesses and organisations in supporting their staff, there are three main action areas to focus on:

1.    Raising awareness of mental health conditions and reducing stigma;

2.    Supporting individuals with a mental health condition, and:

3.    Creating a positive working environment.


Program Objectives

By the end of the program participants can expect to:

  • Be more engaged in both their work and home lives
  • Reduce their stress levels
  • Know when to rest, recharge and re-engage
  • Increase their energy
  • Spend more time in positive emotion
  • Increase their emotional intelligence
  • Reframe thinking to generate opportunity under pressure or in challenging times
  • Provide appropriately support to others when they are feeling vulnerable, pressured or in challenging times

In addition, managers can expect to:

  • Create a mentally healthy workplace
  • Make reasonable adjustments to eliminate or minimise barriers that may exist for a worker with a chronic condition to perform their work.
  • Understand the emotional state and psychological health of an employee when dealing with performance development or management issues.

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