Advanced Training Skills Master Class

  • Facilitate engaging training with high emotional intelligence
  • Optimise and harness differences in how people think and learn
  • Foster creativity and innovation in the learning environment
  • Utlise strategies to inspire, challenge and grow learners
  • Increase your training productivity, performance and results

Learning and development specialists have enormous responsibility to envision the future, model excellence and personal mastery, develop people so that organisation’s can sustain themselves for growth into the future.  This requires a more advanced set of training skills.

Successful training practices require an organisational culture that supports learning, training linked to business strategy and training linked to workplace changes.

To achieve this L&D specialist require ongoing support to ensure continued diversity of learning approaches, using both formal and informal training (70:20:10), responding to the needs of the individual and evaluating the learning and development strategy for continual improvement.

Who it’s designed for:

This program is designed for people who have the role of developing others through training, coaching, mentoring and facilitating workplace learning including L&D managers and trainers.

Benefits for L&D Specialists

As a participant, you will achieve:

  • Enhanced training mastery.
  • Increased strategies to harness your learner’s strengths and achieve tangible results.
  • Increased self awareness and building of resilience.
  • Greater awareness of learner diversity and training diversity.

Brain based learning to ground learning neurologically.

Program Outline

Master class 1 The Learning Brain


·         The brain and thinking

·         Three brains – head, heart, gut

·         The neurophysiology of learning

·         Right brain, left brain preferences

·         Whole brain communication – 4 MAT

·         Resilience and mindfulness

Master class 2 Creative Thinking 


·         Learning style preferences

·         Multiple Intelligences and learning

·         HBDI and MBTI learning

·         Vertical stage thinking

·         Types of thinking – creative, critical, reflective, strategic

Master class 3 Training Needs AnalysisTopics:

·         The importance of training needs analysis

·         Right training, right people

·         Research methods

·         Triangulation and validation

·         Training evaluation – 7 levels of evaluation

Master class 4 Advanced Instructional DesignTopics:

·         Accelerated learning and instructional design

·         Training for results

·         70:20:10 and ADDIE

·         VAK and meeting learner needs

·         Right left brain – content and process

Master class 5 The Art of FacilitationTopics:

·         Advanced presentation skills

·         Advanced training skills

·         Advanced facilitation skills

·         Coaching for results

·         Mentoring for mastery

·         Advanced communication skills – VAK

Master class 6 Assessing Learning Topics:

·         Australian Qualifications Framework and pitch

·         Competency based assessment

·         Using 70:20:10 to assess learning

·         Continual improvement

·         Assessing trainers and assessors – good better best

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