Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership Master Class

Runs for 7 days over 7 months followed by a 12 month Alumni Program.

The changing global environment has had a dynamic impact on organisations and individuals. Leaders have enormous responsibility to vision the future for their “tribes”, manage uncertainty and pilot the way forward to greater certainty, resilience and longevity .

As a leader we can often find ourselves challenged as we seek to sustain and grow personally, and to grow our organisation or company. The higher we go up the leadership ladder, the more isolating it can be, and the more difficult it can be to find like minded people to share our thoughts with and who can extend our thinking. This program, jointly run with The Centre for Leadership Excellence, will provide new and experienced leaders with cutting edge knowledge and skills to further develop leadership excellence to successfully achieve their individual and organisational goals. Following the completion of the program candiates are invited to become part of our Leadership Alumni to continue to engage in high level leadership dialogue in a supportive, forward focused environment.

Modules include:

Module 1   New Leadership for the C21st

  • Vertical Leadership Levels
  • The Learning Organisation
  • Levels of leadership
  • U Theory
  • Global Leadership Competencies

Module 2  The Leadership Brain

  • The executive brain and thinking
  • Language, thinking and learning
  • Neuro leadership
  • Personal mastery
  • 8 habits of highly effective people

Module 3   The Values Dilemma

  • Values model – Spiral Dynamics
  • organisational culture
  • Values and mental models
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Motivation and engagement

Module 4   Creativity and Innovation

  • Critical thinking
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Generative thinking
  • Edison’s innovation competencies

Module 5   Inspiring Tribes through Relationships

  • Managing diversity
  • Influencing team synergy
  • managing levels of tribes
  • Developing a culture of excellence
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Courageous conversations

Module 6   Creating a Preferred Futures

  • Organisational change
  • ADKAR Model
  • Blue sky thinking
  • Scenario planning
  • Creating compelling futures

Module 7   Leadership Mastery

  • Embedding quality into the organisation
  • Sustainability and growth
  • Life long learning

Alumni Coaching

  • Monthly group coaching for 12 months for ongoing reflection, learning, mastery and networking.

Executive Coaching

  • You will receive 2 x 1-1 executive coaching sessions to foster peak performance and excellence.

To register for this exciting and innovative program please email

Caron Egle at

Mob – 0438255510

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