Neuroleadership is an accelerated one day program designed to introduce leaders, managers, business owners, team leaders and team members to the art and science of leading with the brain in mind.

  • Are you fascinated by how the mind works and how leadership is linked to the brain?
  • Would you like a solid understanding of how to enhance human performance?
  • Can you easily support and optimise how different people think, learn and perform?
  • Would you like to get a better handle on how your leadership mind works and how to make it work even better?

In just one day you will learn the important components of how your brain works, and how to run your own brain for greater impact and success.  Based on the latest breakthorough knowledge and skills from neuroscience and brain-based education, you will discover:

  • how the brain works and how to utilise different types of intelligence,
  • how adults learn capabilities and how to foster greater complexity in thinking to better deal with the increasing complexity in the world.
  • how to choose thoughts and how to optimise your thinking to be a great leader,
  • how to focus on what you want and rid your mind of distracting chatter,
  • how  to enhance your performance as a leader,
  • how to eliminate limiting beliefs and sabotaging thoughts,
  • how to harness emotions and facts for better decision making,
  • how to utilise language to facilitate instant change,
  • how to build better business relationships,
  • how to achieve your goals and create success.

To register your interest or for more information about how this can be tailored to your organisation, email Caron at or phone 0438255510 

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