Introduction to Vertical Leadership Development

Less than 5% of leaders globally are functioning from their highest cognitive capacity – Petrie, 2012

Leaders today are excelling when they are able to:

  • Deal more fluently with the increasingly demanding, fast-paced and often uncertain business and organisational environments facing us today.
  • Navigate today’s highly complex, ambiguous and rapidly changing global environment with greater insight, mental agility and calm.
  • Breakthrough limitations in thinking to harness and develop their cognitive potential (action-logic level) and achieve real world results.

High performing executives make the shift to become extraordinary transformational leaders

by tapping into their emerging action-logic level and harnessing their innate cognitive potential.

Leaders today face unprecedented complexity, increasingly rapid change and uncertainty in the business environment.

The old ways of leadership education equip leaders for the old paradigm of business.  Leaders today are hitting a mental and emotional glass ceiling.

Studies show that leaders who undergo significant vertical learning (shifting their action logic level) are far more likely and able to facilitate organisational transformation for high-impact results.

Conscious Leadership

 There are seven ”action-logic” leadership levels – seven distinct ways of thinking and viewing the world.

  • Less than 5% of leaders are functioning at the higher levels of their potential
  • Action logic enables leaders to “grow bigger minds” to better manage the volatile, unpredictable and changing environment.
  • Action- logics is one of the leading leadership development methodologies achieving phenomenal results globally.
  • Developing action-logic levels increases personal resourcefulness, and the resourcefulness of others, increases productivity, satisfaction and performance in the workplace, and accelerates team and organisational change.

Seven Action-Logic Levels


Flouts power, hostile humour, deceptive, externalises blame, rules mean loss of freedom.


Observes rules, avoids inner and outer conflict, conforms, seeks membership.


Objective craft mastery, critical of others, can be dogmatic, perfectionist, accepts feedback from craft masters.


Task and results oriented, concerned with ethics and justice, prioritises tasks,  chases time, high personal standards .


Collaborative, tolerant of difference, aware of perspective, inquiring, independent, seeks feedback.


Process and goal oriented, systems thinking, aware of own personal traits and shadow, growth and fulfilment.


Alert to theatre of action, embraces common humanity, disturbs paradigms of thought and action, sees polarities.

This two day program introduces the fundamentals of developing transformational action logic levels in leaders.

Program Outcomes

  • Optimise your innate potential through development of your emerging action-logic.
  • Understand the 8 kinds of power in relationships and organisations.
  • Utilise collaborative action inquiry for win/win results.
  • Develop transformational leadership thinking by developing a “bigger mind”.
  • Utilise 4 kinds of speaking to facilitate deep dialogue and change.
  • Utilise single, double and triple loop feedback to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace.

“While we can’t predict the future, we can transform ourselves and our organizations to effectively meet it” – Bill Torbert

Program Investment

The cost for this transformational learning program is $2,800.00 per person (GST inclusive).  This includes:

  • Global Leadership Profile
  • Action-logic Coaching – 1 hour 1-1 GLP debrief
  • 2 day workshop (Group limited to 10 people)

Global Leadership Profile (GLP) Report

  • The GLP is a prerequisite that is undertaken direct with the supplier in the UK and costs $800.00. The GLP needs to be completed online 3 weeks before workshop.  Details of how to complete this will be sent to you once you have registered.
  •  Please note: The Global Leadership Sentence Completion Test must be completed online to have your report ready to use in the workshop .

SAGE No Risk Guarantee

As with all our programs, we have a 100% money back guarantee.  It you are not completely satisfied, we will return your investment in full.

For more information or to register please contact Caron on 0438 255510 or email

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