Your Life Your Legacy

Book – Your Life Your LegacyAuthor – Roger Hamilton

Publisher – Achievers International, 2006

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Once you have clarity about your path, then your momentum along it will reach new levels – RH


“Wealth is not how much money you have.  Wealth is what is left when you lose all your money”.  Your Life Your Legacy is not about making money, it is about creating wealth based on your personality preference.  Roger Hamilton says that true wealth “lies in your power to give and receive at your full potential.  It is about being in flow, attracting more and contributing more, for it is only when we live at our potential that we can give at our potential”.

Hamilton uses a garden metaphor to explain his wealth philosophy.  The most inspiring and lovingly nurtured garden gives the most pleasure and attracts the most butterflies (money).  Wealth creators don’t build nets to catch butterflies, they grow inspiring gardens that are permanent and draw the butterflies to it.

Every successful wealth creator is focused entirely on building their wealth foundation rather than moneymaking activities.  They build:

  • a reputation,
  • a powerful network,
  • a knowledge base
  • a resource base, and a
  • a track record.

The foundation of success is built on four conditions which all require time to master:

  • location – choosing where you place yourself each day – being in the right place at the right time
  • understanding – anticipating and positioning yourself by being in the game (your domain area)
  • connections – investing in relationships and networks
  • knowledge- learning everything we can about our area of flow based on our strengths and personality.

Hamilton identifies seven phenomena of flow which enables us to be in flow and attract support from other people who are in their flow, thus sustaining and magnifying flow:

  1. critical moments – recognising and reacting to critical moments in time (intuition) will define your success
  2. learning cycles – mastery requires time and effort to learn, build on strengths to prepare for future performance
  3. failing forward – learning from mistakes and continuing on
  4. opportunities – having inbound opportunities which we attract and then being creative with them
  5. the strength of certainty – saying no to things that don’t align with where you are going
  6. the power of perseverance – continuing through good times and bad times is based on passion and purpose, which creates confidence so other people have confidence in you.
  7. the magic of momentum – this is an ongoing combination from the previous six phenomena – momentum is the ultimate attractor.

Hamilton explores eight different wealth profiles.  Each different wealth profile has different values that result in different attractions.  In effect, they are tending different types of gardens.  These are:

  • The Creator – creating a better product or service – Eg Steve Jobs, Richard Branson
  • The Star – creating  a unique brand – eg Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Arnold Schwarznegger
  • The Supporter – leading the team – eg – Jack Welch, Michael Eisner
  • The Deal Maker – bringing people together – eg – Donald Trump, David Geffen, Rupert Murdoch
  • The Trader – buying Low, selling high – eg- George Soros, Peter Lynch, Jim Rogers
  • The Accumulator – collecting appreciating assets – eg – Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Benjamin Graham
  • The Lord – controlling cash generating assets – eg- Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller, Jean Paul Getty
  • The Mechanic – creating a better system – eg Henry Ford, Sam Walton, Michael Dell.

The book leaves the reader with the value of living your best life by living your passion and purpose.  With this one can then look to the future to contribute philanthropically to their community, state, nation or globally.  The more in flow you are the more you have to give.

Readers are able to undertake their Wealth Dynamics Profile at .  For $100US  you receive an e-book and personal report with growth ideas to live in your flow.  I will be running a webinar on the profiles in September, so stay tuned for details.

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