You Have 3 Minutes! – Ricardo Bellino

Book – You Have 3 Minutes!

Author – Ricardo R. Bellino

Publisher – McGraw Hill 2007

Rating – 4

It is by science that we prove, but by intuition that we discover”  – Henri Poincare

A young Brazilian businessman, Ricardo Bellino, was received by Donald Trump and greeted with the following sentence from the billionaire – “You’ve got three minutes to sell me your idea.”  A short while later Bellino left Trump’s office with a closed deal to back Ricardo’s luxury golf resort, initiating a multimillion dollar business deal that culminated in the creation of Trump Realty, Brazil .  Bellino had sold the deal in three minutes.

This book describes the process for mastering the art of the perfect pitch.  The key to successful negotiation in business involves:

  • The power of intuition
  • The ability to make decisions at the snap of a finger
  • The impact caused by our first impressions of someone
  • The internal mechanism that leads us to instantly process vast amounts of objective and subjective information – a mechanism that scientists refer to as adaptive unconscious.

You Have 3 Minutes! features:

  • The secret formula behind a Trump worthy pitch
  • Tips, techniques and tools for more intuitive communication and presentation based on rapport and the unconscious mind
  • Tools to evaluate and develop deal making skills
  • Case studies from “masters” of success

“Remember: Time is money.  And your ultimate success depends on your ability to present ideas and persuade other – quickly, clearly and concisely.  Three minutes is all you need… for a lifetime of success”

This book is excellent for applying the fundamentals of presentation skills, communication skills, business acumen and people management.  It is an easy read with lots of relevant examples and scientific evidence to support the topics.

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