The Power of Less

Book – The Power of Less

Author – Leo Babauta

Publisher –  Hyperson New York

Rating – 4

 It is by science that we prove, but by intuition that we discover”  – Henri Poincare

We are all exposed to countless distractions from all directions in our modern lives. Given the number and intensity of these distractions it can be difficult at times to accomplish anything.  The Power of Less provides a structured way to streamline our lives by identifying the essential and eliminating the unnecessary – which can free us from everyday clutter, and allow us to focus on accomplishing the goals that can change our lives for the better.

This book describes the process for mastering the art of less by:

  • Breaking down any goal into manageable tasks
  • Focusing on only a few tasks at a time
  • Creating new and productive habits
  • Honing your focus to outcomes
  • Increasing your efficiency

Babauta describes six principles of simple productivity – the guiding principles of the book to help us maximise and simplify our lives.  These principles are:

  • Set limitations
  • Choose the essential
  • Simplify
  • Focus
  • Create habits
  • Start small

Some of the things that Babauta listed that he has accomplished through the diligent application of this process are:

  • Take up running
  • Begin to eat healthier
  • Become organised and productive
  • Train for a run two marathons
  • Work two jobs and double his income
  • Become an early riser (waking at 4 am)
  • Become a vegetarian
  • Complete two triathlons
  • Start a success blog – Zen Habits
  • Completely eliminate his debt
  • Save a substantial emergency fund for the first time
  • Simplify his life
  • Declutter his home
  • Lost 40 plus pounds (18 kg)
  • Write and sell two successful e-books
  • Write the first draft of a novel
  • Quit his job and work form home
  • Start a successful second blog – Write to Done, for writers
  • Publish this book

All while raising and making time for six beautiful children.

This book is simple in its construction, practical and insightful.  One of the things that he wrote about was Slowing Down.  Slowing our attention, our working, our eating, our driving, to enjoy the richness of the moment and reduce stress.  Following his basic principles certainly brings the results he suggests.  By setting limits for yourself and making the most of your the resources you have, you can then work less, work smarter and focus on living the life you desire and deserve.


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