Source – The Inner Path To Knowledge Creation


Source  The Inner Path To  Knowledge Creation

Author       Joseph Jaworski

Publisher   Berrett-Koehler, 2012

Rating       5 star

“Stage IV leaders believe that there is an underlying intelligence in the universe, which is capable of guiding us and preparing us for the futures we must create”

Joseph Jaworski, the bestselling author of Synchronicity, has just released is new book, Source, which  once again provides a mind-expanding journey, this time to the very heart of creativity and deep knowing.

Jaworski states that across the globe, organisations and institutions are facing increased turbulence and profound change.  Complexity is increasing at a speed and intensity we’ve never experienced before and we need a different and deeper way of knowing and accessing our intuition (rather than an emphasis on analytical thought) to deal creatively with this chaos and complexity. To effectively face these challenges, leaders across the globe need to access the Source from which truly profound innovation flows.  Stage IV leaders are the leaders who are aware of and utilise Source.


Many people, including Jaworski himself, have experienced a connection with this Source, often when called upon to respond in times of crisis – moments of extreme spontaneity and intuitive insight.  In these time actions simply flow through them, seemingly without any sort of conscious intervention. They don’t think about what to do; they just know and take inspired action. But these experiences are chance occurrences—ordinarily, we don’t know how to access the Source, and a large number of people even have a blind spot as to its very existence.


In the book Jaworski presents the story of the development of the U Process, which enables leaders to get in touch with the Source. The U Process is a process of going to a deeper place of knowing through contemplative practices which result in a quantum leap in thinking, creativity and problem solving.

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Preparation                                                                                        Test and verify

Ignite passion and purpose                                                                Act quickly and in flow

Observe and immerse                                                                      Take inspired action

Explicate Order                                 3Dimenion

Implicate Order                                Zero Point Field

Indwelling and illumination

Connection with Source

Jaworski provides some illuminating examples of the application of this towards the end of the book. In one example he sites Intel’s Fab11 project, Intel’s biggest semiconductor fabrication facility, and the largest “fab” of its kind in the world.  David Marsing, the project’s general manager, spent six months developing the people at Fab11 before the project construction began. This early training was designed to enable people to start to use a different part of their brain and develop an awareness that leads to unique solutions.  The training covered:

  • Senge’s 5 Disciplines (Systems Thinking, Shared Vision, Mental Models, Personal Mastery and Team Learning).
  • Dialogue practices based on the work of quantum physicist, David Bohm.
  • Development of capacity of good listening, balancing advocacy, and inquiry.
  • Human dynamics training – personality and team integration.
  • Contemplative practices including meditation to manage stress and develop greater intuitive capacity.

The results were that Fab11 went from start-up to full-volume production in record time enabling Intel to recoup its $2.5 billion investment in just 5 short months instead of the expected several years, as was the norm.

Leaders have to develop a new cognitive capability – the capacity to sense and actualise emerging futures

Source is an extraordinarily broad intellectual account that supports the notion of source from a range of theoretical perspectives including quantum physics, cognitive science, indigenous perspectives, and spiritual thinking.  Each of these perspectives are all focused on getting to the heart of the Source.

        You have capacities within you that are phenomenal, if you only knew how to release them – David Bohm

From his research and exploration of Source, Jaworski ultimately develops four guiding principles that encompass the nature of the Source and what we need to do to stay in dynamic dialogue with it. These four evidence based principles are:

1.     There is an open and emergent quality to the universe.

This emergent quality, while we cannot define a cause offers infinite possibility.

2.     The universe is the domain of undivided wholeness; both the material world and consciousness are parts of the same undivided whole.

Thus everything affects everything else because everything is part of the same undivided whole.

3.     There is a creative Source of infinite potential enfolded in the universe.

Connection to Source leads to the emergence of new realities – discovery, creation, renewal and transformation.  We are partners in the unfolding of the universe.

4.     Humans can learn to draw from the infinite potential of the Source by choosing to follow a disciplined path towards self-realisation and love, the most powerful energy in the universe.

Together – working from “that place of deeper knowing” –

We can begin to address the major problems of our time.


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