The First 90 Days – Michael Watkins


Book – The First 90 Days

Author – Michael Watkins

Publisher – Harvard Business School Press

Rating  5 Stars


A shared framework for transition acceleration is an organisational      asset – MW


“The president of the United States gets 100 days to prove himself; you get 90.  The actions you take in your first three months of a new job will largely determine whether you succeed of fail” – Watkins.

Unfortunately, few organisations have a systematic induction process for new leaders, even though it is critical that new leaders.

This book is a bible for those people moving into any new role at any point during their career, and in particular into new management and leadership positions within organisations.  This can be a start-up, a turn around, a realignment or sustaining a successful business or organisation.

The book focuses on “transition acceleration’ – building success and avoiding failure by providing a range of strategies and insights to navigate the transition period in the shortest amount of time to hit the “breakeven point”.  The strategies described enable people in new positions to free up time quickly, fix inherited problems and harness new opportunities to be optimally contributing and developing the business.  The First 90 Days provides a framework for diagnosing the new environment and organisational situations, crafting winning transition strategies and taking charge quickly.  It includes a how to guide to:

  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses and identify personal vulnerabilities
  • Diagnose your situation and understand its challenges and opportunities
  • Match strategy to the situation
  • Build teams and create influential support coalitions
  • Secure early wins that establish your credibility and create momentum
  • Negotiate success and achieve alignment
  • Keep balance
  • Lay the foundation for sustainable long term success.

The book provides insight into both professional and personal risks, and strategies to foster both emotional and professional well-being through transition times. The end of each chapter has a checklist which crystallises the key learnings from that chapter and questions to facilitate the development of your own acceleration plan.

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