Conscious Dreaming

Happy New Year! I trust that you had a wonderful time over the summer break time and feel refreshed and ready for another exciting year of harnessing your potential and manifesting possibilities.  I always like to begin the year setting it up for what I intend.  2016 is the year of completion – completion for all of the plans and dreams you have had over the past 8 years since 2008. Where were you then, and what did you commence that you can now complete?

As we move into the new energy of 2016 it is important to spend some time consciously dreaming and considering the following questions:

  • What would my life look like if I was living the grandest vision of myself?
  • What would I be, do and have?
  • What could I be doing differently right now that will bring me to my desired way of life?

Everything we do is a choice; even doing nothing is a choice. One of the things I have become more conscious of over the past year is asking myself in any moment (big or small) “What do I choose?” and then taking inspired action based on what I choose.  This way I am becoming more aware of what I am doing moment to moment and making really good choices.  Even when some of the things going on seem to be out of my control, I have still, on some level, created them.  As you know I had some pretty big challenges I needed to influence last year, and there were some very complex interactions and ego’s involved.  I knew I had created my role in this situation to grow and that I was becoming more of who I really am.  I had to continually reflect and ask myself how I wanted to be through it all – consciously choosing both my intent and actions.

As part of making choices in any moment, it is also useful to understand what habits of thinking and behaviour serve us or don’t serve us. As we move into living our best life we will need to rechoose some of our habits to new, more resourceful and supportive habits to achieve what we desire.   This is as easy as asking ourselves, “Does this habit serve me to live my grandest life? And if it doesn’t then ask “What habit would support and serve me in living my grandest life?

I encourage you to spend a half hour with yourself and your journal or piece of paper to answer the above questions and document your vision for yourself. It is a powerful way to set up your year for success.  It is also important to revisit your intents so monthly on the new moon reflect on your intent (as this is the seeding time for new ideas and intents) and reground it, asking yourself the same questions around what you choose to be, do and have moving forward.  Another great way to do this is to create your 2016 vision board so you have it visually to review on a daily basis. Here’s to a powerful and fulfilling year to life your best life to date!

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