Top 10 Tips for an Extraordinary Day

Each day we’re faced with a barrage of potential stressors that can compromise our wellbeing, our productivity and our joy. When we feel stressed our body reacts by increasing our adrenaline and cortisol hormones which directly effects our energy management, both in the effectiveness of how our body runs, out thinking abilities and our ability to deal with external issues.  When we implement these 10 tips we are supporting our body and brain with the hormones for resilience and wellness – setting ourselves up for success every day.

Tip 1: Sleep well.  We need between 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night.  This is the most important tip for wellness.  This means going to bed generally by 10pm, and then rising early between 5-6am.

Tip 2: Wake early. After sleeping well, rising early with a refreshed body and brain is our most focused thinking time before our brains get cluttered with the daily white noise of technology, family, work etc.  It is time to sit in contemplation and tap into your deep knowing and creativity.

Tip 3: Meditate. Taking 10-30 minutes first thing in the morning to sit in quite meditation /contemplation sets our day up for success.  When we spend time in deep theta state we activate our positive neurochemicals (serotonin and dopamine) and reduce our cortisol levels. This is restorative and has direct positive effects on our resilience and energy management.

Tip 4: Set positive intentions for the day.  When we set our intentions for the day our brain runs these neural pathways and has a “road map” of what is expected.  This makes it is easier for our reticular activating system to align us with our goals for the day, taking less energy and increasing the speed in which we achieve results.

Tip 5: Be grateful. Taking time at the beginning of the day to notice and acknowledge 10 things you’re grateful for bathes your neurology with in serotonin which is your happiness hormone.  The more you take time during your day to be conscious of being grateful for the things in your day the better your brain functions and the happier you feel.

Tip 6: Get moving. Do some exercise, even if it is two routines of salute to the sun, 200 jumps of your mini-trampoline (great for core strength), or lifting some dumb bells – every little bit helps.  Then, when you have more time later in your day, do more intensive exercise in “bursts” which decreases your recovery time thus building resilience. Exercise increases the levels of dopamine in our brain which is our focus/reward hormone – making us feel great.

Tip 7: Eat well. Cut out the refined white carbs/sugars (these muck up our insulin, serotonin and cortisol levels). Increase your colourful vegetables and protein. Plus, remember to drink lots of water. Just this alone will increase your energy and improve your resilience and wellbeing.

Tip 8: Be present: When you are doing anything be totally present to that situation, person or task.  There is no such thing as effective and efficient multitasking.  When we are present in the moment we are more engaged, productive and in flow, and use less of our precious energy.

Tip 9: Do daily random acts of kindness. Notice and take action to make other people feel special and valued.  This has a direct positive effect on serotonin levels – both yours and the recipient –its win/win!

Tip 10: Have hugs! This can be hugs with those people in your intimate circle such as your partner, children, friend etc, or it can be with a pet.  Touch is one way in which we connect.  This floods our brain with oxytocin – our connection hormone which is absolutely necessary for our wellbeing.

Taken all together these 10 tips produce a fantastic compound effect. Committing to these daily 10 tips will set you up for success. Enjoy!

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