Intent – Making it Happen

The beginning of the new year is always a refreshing time to revisit and realign ourselves to our intent for the coming year. I hear a lot of people talk about their intentions for 2015, rather than their intent.  The difference between intent and intention is that intention is conditional… I want or I’ll do x,y or z, but only if…  Intent is an unconditional commitment to an outcome.


I have been doing a course with Helen Barton and I thought I would share a version of an activity around intent.


As we step into 2015, what intent could you set for yourself that enables you to experience being more of who you really are? It can be anything that aligns with you and your best self.  Once you have written this down, allocate some time to really immerse into what this would look like, feel like and be for you – use your imagination to consciously dream.  This is a really important step – the more we prime our unconscious mind with the thoughts and feeling of our preferred future, the more it aligns to enable it to manifest.


Then begin to think about developing practices, an action plan or to do list to help you manage your time to achieve your intent.

Identify why this is of benefit to you and what would be the downside of not achieving it.


One of my intents for 2015 is “discipline”. Daily practices that support this for me are:

  • rise early
  • meditate
  • exercise
  • read
  • write or journal
  • eat lightly
  • plan my day – a to do list
  • affirm myself and others
  • maintain positive gracious thoughts
  • remain awake, aware and alert
  • consciously dream
  • be present
  • listen and ask
  • sleep well

In maintain these daily practices it will enable me to:

  • Increase my productivity
  • Increase my energy
  • Give me focus and clarity in my thinking
  • Keep me healthy, strong and supple
  • Use my time well
  • Achieve my clear fuzzy goals.


I encourage you to think about your intents for 2015 and what actions you are going to take to support their manifestation. Enjoy, and as always I would lo e you to share your intents with me.

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