Research is an integral part of designing our preferred futures by giving an evidence based insight into what has gone before, what informs where we are currently at and what is desired into the future.

SAGE thinking has conducted a range of research projects from small surveys with small business owners to major research projects for populations of up to 50,000 people.

Some of our clients/projects include:

  • CoastCityCountry General Practice Training
    • researching the experience of GP’s at the completion of their GP training.
    • researching the experience of the GP supervisors of GP Registrars.
  • ACT Government – Community Needs Analysis researching the needs of two 50,000 populations in the ACT.
  • SAGE Thinking – Management Challenges for Small Business Owners.

Current research projects

  • Leadership Challenges in private and public sector organisations

Caron is also in year two of her doctoral research into Conscious Leadership Education of Senior Executives through Vertical Learning.

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