Executive Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are increasingly recognised as one of the most effective ways to develop ourselves and achieve the results we desire.  Coaching and mentoring are transformational change processes that result in increased:

  • self worth and self belief
  • resourcefulness
  • emotional intelligence and assertiveness
  • trust in oneself and others and team synergy
  • depth of consciousness
  • flexibility, adaptability and focus
  • learning, and knowledge development
  • self-organisation
  • stress management and flow
  • wellbeing
  • business success.

Coach/mentoring is a process for facilitating purposeful, positive change in a supported, empowering and accountable way.  It differs from counseling in that it is forward focused to goals and growth rather than reflecting on pathology and history, although these can inform the context for each individual’s experience.


About SAGE Thinking

SAGE Thinking (formally IMPACT Learning and Development) is a boutique training company that is known as the “specialists’ specialist”.  We deliver leading edge education programs, coaching, facilitation and consultancy services to individuals, businesses and organisations that are the leaders in their field to facilitate growth and change through developing people.

Some of our clients include Communities @ Work, Calvary Health Care ACT, Jakeman Business Solutions, ServicePoint Australia, Austrade, Australian Federal Police, Oasis Dental, Property to Prosper, Judy Morris and Associates, NEXIS Accountants and Business Advisors, and The Australian National University.


SAGE Thinking’s Executive Coaching Methodology

As part of our commitment to our clients achieving their optimum outcomes we offer one-on-one executive coaching/mentoring.  Our coaching and mentoring methodology has been developed from current research in neurobiology, accelerated learning, positive psychology and NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and transformational leadership.  This means that we can now provide our clients with some of the most up to date theory and practice in brain based thinking and neuro-leadership to extend their knowledge and skill base.  We utilise some of the most effective change tools and strategies globally to fast-track client success and achieve tangible results.

The coach/mentoring experience begins with 3-4 x two hour sessions over 3-4 weeks to achieve a pivotal and rapid “Breakthrough to Success”.  We have a number of inventories that our clients complete prior to and at the completion of the breakthrough as tangible evidence of a shift in their transformation.  These inventories can also be used for a 3600 feedback process (which needs to be managed carefully to achieve optimum usefulness).  Our preferred inventories are:

  • Global Executive Leadership Inventory – Kets de Vries.
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Covey.
  • Emotional Intelligence Inventory.

Completion of the “breakthrough” is then generally supported by our 90 Days to Success Program, which clients undertake to “keep them on track” and to reinforce the positive success habits to achieve their goals.  Over the 90 days we meet every 2-3 weeks for 1 hour depending on our clients requirements to touch base, discuss any issues and strategies to ensure they easily meet their goals and cover a range of specific topics that will extend their thinking and value add to your existing knowledge and skills.  We become their personal facilitator and accountability partner!


Benefits of our approach

There are a number of benefits from our approach which include:

  • Proactive and responsive methodology based in advanced neuro-change technologies to create fast and sustain positive change.
  • Time between sessions for clients to integrate the change and be consciously aware of the changes.
  • Facilitation of transformational self leadership moving our clients forward to greater success
  • Targeted knowledge development to build on their existing knowledge base.


I am happy to provide a range of clients who would be delighted to speak with you about their experience with 1-1 coaching/mentoring at your request.


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