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Time Management Training

Time Management Training Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane. Improve your time management skills Identify how to create harmony in having a great work life balance Dream big, define and achieve your goals Develop skills for rapid improvement in planning and prioritisation

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Resilience and Mindfulness Training

Foster a positive work environment Promote mental Health and well being Utilise leading edge strategies to build Increase productively, satisfaction and performance in the workplace All organisations need a healthy and resilient workforce to support their staff and to ensure

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Advanced Training Skills Master Class

Facilitate engaging training with high emotional intelligence Optimise and harness differences in how people think and learn Foster creativity and innovation in the learning environment Utlise strategies to inspire, challenge and grow learners Increase your training productivity, performance and results

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Customer Service Training Canberra

Identify and apply best practice strategies to customer service  Leverage positive experiences to create customer loyalty  Determine and exceed client expectations  Explore the gift of customer feedback Excellent customer service builds rapport, trust and confidence, customer service builds your brand

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Discover how leaders who are emotionally self-aware are better equipped to manage and influence others more effectively. Explore benchmarked emotional intelligence results to provide a comparison report that outlines the type of behaviours associated with being an emotionally intelligent leader.

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HBDI Training

Explore strategies for Improved communication, problem-solving, and decision-making. Discover how to elevate performance and employee engagement. Apply increased thinking agility and diversity within your organisation. Whole Brain® Thinking provides organisation’s with a framework that allows them to harness thinking diversity for

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The Leadership Brain

The Leadership Brain is an accelerated one day program designed to introduce leaders, managers, business owners, team leaders and team members to the art and science of how the brain works. Are you facinated by how the mind works and how leadership is

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Introduction to Conscious Leadership – Vertical Leadership Development

Less than 5% of leaders globally are functioning from their highest cognitive capacity – Petrie, 2012 Leaders today are excelling when they are able to: Deal more fluently with the increasingly demanding, fast-paced and often uncertain business and organisational environments facing us

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Leaning into Leading – A program for emerging women leaders

It is well documented that women are underrepresented in corporate leadership positions.  Women approach leadership in a different way to men and need to be supported and encouraged in this.  Leaning Into Leading is specifically designed for women to develop

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TAELLN Upgrade

Based on changes to the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110), all trainers holding this qualification will be required to have the TAELLN411 as a core unit of competence. To ensure currency for your trainers holding the existing Certificate

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